Calcium is the one of abundant minerals in the human body. As long as growth and development of the body, calcium has important role because it affects for various process in human body such as bone and tooth growth process, blood clotting process, signal transmission process, and as enzyme cofactor.

   The calcium requirement for each person is different. It is influenced by many factors such as age, sex, dietary factors, physiology conditions and environment factor. Based on the British Dietetic Association (BDA), daily intake recommended for human i.e:Tabel 2

   As well known, 99% of calcium is detected in bones and teeth. The most of people use various sources to achieve the calcium daily intake. However, food is the biggest contributor source of calcium. Some foods contain the highest concentration of calcium are nuts, various dairy products, soy beverages, green vegetables, tofu and other foods.

   Growth period is the best time to maximize calcium intake because at that time, the calcium storage in the body is much larger. Most of adult bone volume is formed at the time of growth. In adolescence the absorption of calcium from food will reach 75% and will decrease to 20-40% when adult so that calcium intake in the adolescence needs to be considered.

   Based on research shows that the most people in the world is not sufficient daily calcium intake, whereas developed countries already consume milk and cheese that has a high content of calcium. This is in appropriate with the results of research in Indonesia shows that the most of Indonesian people consumes calcium below the established standard about 400 mg per day.

   Low calcium intake during growth period will have a bad impact on bones and teeth. The aging process has a bad impact on bone mass changes. Bone mass will decrease and will get worse if at the time of growth does not get calcium intake appropriately.

   Based on INFODATIN KEMENKES RI, said that when the body lacks of calcium intake, it will release hormones to take calcium from other body parts, especially bone. Bone  as the calcium nutrient reserve. When calcium deficiency occurs in a long time, the body will take calcium from the bones and will have bone loss. If not handled immediately, the thinning process will continue to more serious conditions such as fractures, rickets and even cause disruption of growth and bone development.

   Deficiency calcium intake of the body also affects for dental health. One of them can cause dental caries. Dental caries is an erosion of the tooth surface layer that contains calcium elements by acid-producing bacteria that live in the mouth. Low calcium content in the tooth will accelerate the process of dental caries, so with increased absorption of calcium in the teeth can help strengthen and prevent caries in the teeth.

    Deficiency of calcium intake can be prevented by external calcium intake. The selection of calcium forms is based on the concentration of calcium elements, absorption, solubility and side effects. Calcium carbonate is the most widely used calcium salt because of the greatest concentration of calcium element, has better absorption, minimal side effects, especially when used in conjunction with food and has a more economical price.images

   Calcium coral is a calcium salt obtained from coral reefs and a combination of calcium carbonate and magnesium (2: 1). The results of the study show that calcium corals have better absorption power than the other calcium because they have smaller particles and are supported by magnesium components.

   Soy Isoflavones is one of the phytonutrients found in soybeans. Soy isoflavones can be used as antioxidants, can lower bad cholesterol, and as an antioxidant. In addition, soy isoflavones can also increase the absorption of calcium so that this effect is necessary in conditions of calcium deficiency and certain physiological conditions.

biocal   PT SIMEX PHARMACEUTICAL INDONESIA as one of the pharmaceutical companies in Indonesia presents GOOD LIFE BIOCAL-95 as a supplement used to help the calcium requirement completely especially during growth and development. GOOD LIFE BIOCAL-95 contains coral calcium and soy isoflavones that are effective in meeting calcium intake, as well as the addition of vitamins and minerals such as vitamin D3, vitamin K1, magnesium and boron will help improve effectiveness in treating the condition of calcium deficiency.

  In conclusion, GOOD LIFE BIOCAL-95 contains a combination of synergistic active ingredients, safe and effective and is the right choice in the fulfillment of calcium bone and teeth needs in the body.


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