Health is a prosperous condition of the body, soul and social that allows everybody to live productively socially and economically. To achieve a healthy condition, it’s necessary to do various health efforts such as preventive, treatment and health care. Optimal health is achieved when all three elements of health have been filled. In general, a healthy body is considered to represent of the three elements of health.

    The body is the whole physical structure of a human organism. There are various organs related to each other. In the body, each of these organs is designed to perform essential life functions. To achieve its function, the organ is supported by various compounds both inside or outside produced of the body such as mineral.

   Minerals are individual chemical elements that have important biological values for maintaining physiological and structural functions and prevent the decline health conditions of the body. The mineral intake individually is affected by age, health, gender and physiological conditions. In general minerals function is to help and maintain the health of muscles, heart and other organs, regulate osmotic pressure in the body, produce various types of enzymes, act as catalysts in various enzymatic processes, important in muscle contraction process and nerve response. Based on its needs, minerals can be divided into 3 types:

1. Major Mineral or Macro Minerals

Is a mineral that is needed in sufficient quantities that is about more than 100 mg. Which includes are Calcium (Ca), Phosphorus (P), Sodium (Na) and Chloride (Cl).

2. Trace Minerals or Micro Minerals

Trace minerals are needed at a rate of about 100 mg per day. There are 9 types of minerals included in this type are Iron (Fe), Fluoride (F), Manganese (Mn), Zinc (Zn), Iodium (I), Selenium (Se), Copper (Cu), Potassium (K) Magnesium (Mg), Molybdenum (Mo), Chromium (Cr) and Sulfur (S).

3. Ultratrace Minerals

Ultratrace Minerals is a mineral found in the human body. Included in this type are Arsenic (As), Nickel (Ni), Silicon (Si), Boron (B), and Vanadium (V).

    Calcium is one of the macro minerals whose concentration is much needed by the body. Approximately 99%, required for temporary bone and tooth growth whereas 1% play a role in muscle movement, nerve function, blood clotting, blood pressure and immune system. The recommended calcium daily intake in each person is different. It is influenced by various factors such as age, physiological condition and gender. The recommended calcium daily intake according to international organizations are as follows:


Generally, the function of calcium in the body, e.g:

√      The development of bones and teeth

√      Contribute to muscle function. Lack of calcium can cause muscle spasms

√      Helps in the blood clot process.

√      Contribute to the transmission of nerve signals from the brain to body parts

√      Helps in blood pressure regulation especially for women with 20 weeks of gestation

√      As a cofactor in some enzymes

√      Helps maintain kidney health function

    The human body always need the calcium daily intake to keep the body function properly. There is a chance for calcium deficiency even though they consume a healthy and a balanced food. Therefore, using the calcium supplements is a good step to get calcium daily intake achievement. Various forms of calcium can be used as a calcium supplement. Each component of calcium contains different calcium minerals level (calcium elements) such as :

1. Calcium carbonate with 40% calcium element

2.Calcium citrate with 21% calcium element

3.Calcium lactate with 13% calcium element

4.Calcium gluconate with 9% calcium element

    Selection of the calcium form as a supplement is based on the concentration of calcium element, absorption ability, solubility and side effects. Based on this, calcium carbonate is the most widely used calcium salt because of its greatest elemental concentration, better absorption ability, minimal side effects especially when used in conjunction with food and economical prices.

Hard_and_Soft_Corals_South_Pacific_1440x1080    Calcium daily intake can be obtained from the daily food but also be obtained from natural ingredients such as calcium coral. Calcium corals are calcium salts obtained from coral reefs. Calcium coral is better known as calcium carbonate matrix which is consists of calcium carbonate and magnesium (2: 1). Based on studies recently, calcium coral can help the body’s pH from acid to a neutral base (about 7.4). This will have a positive impact on the body, because the oxygen in the cells will increase. It will help improve the body’s immune system and help prevent the body from various diseases. In addition, calcium coral will ionized to result a positive charge and make better absorption ability than the other calcium and presence of magnesium will help balance mineral content, helping to increase calcium absorption and minimize side effects.

   Antioxidant supplements are the right choice to help maintaining a healthy body. One of the compounds that are useful as an antioxidant is soy isoflavones. Soy isoflavone is a kind of phytonutrients found in soybeans. Soy isoflavones can increase the absorption of calcium in the intestine due to it’s function as antioxidant. This effect is necessary in certain physiological conditions.

 Picture1PT SIMEX PHARMACEUTICAL INDONESIA as one of the pharmaceutical companies in Indonesia presents GOOD LIFE BIOCAL-95 as a supplement used to help fulfill calcium intake especially in certain physiological conditions such as osteoporosis and prevent calcium deficiency. GOOD LIFE BIOCAL-95 contains calcium coral and soy isoflavones that are effective for calcium needs and the addition of vitamins and minerals such as vitamine D3, vitamine K1, magnesium and boron will help improve effectiveness in treating the condition of calcium deficiency.

 In conclusion, GOOD LIFE BIOCAL-95 have the synergistic, safe and effective ingredients and is an appropriate choice to fulfill the calcium deficiency and the other related diseases.


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  1. ardi purnama

    baru tau ternyata kalsium itu tidak cuma untuk kesehatan tulang dan gigi, ternyata masih banyak fungsi lain dari kalsium. BIOCAL95 adalah obat yang pernah saya dapatkan dari dokter. terimakasih artikelnya bermanfaat sekali.

    • PT. Simex Pharmaceutical Indonesia

      Dear Bpk Ardi Purnama,

      Terima kasih atas testimoni dan kepercayaan Bapak mengenai manfaat kalsium pada produk BIOCAL-95. Semoga ke depannya Bapak Ardi semakin merasakan manfaat yang lebih dari suplemen BIOCAL-95 untuk menjaga dan memelihara kesehatan tubuh.

      Salam Sehat,
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