Candidiasis is defined as an infection caused by a fungus of the genus Candida which can occur in infants, children, adults, or someone with weak condition. Candidiasis in most cases known as oral candidiasis (used when describing lesions/ wounds that are seen clinically in the oral cavity).

Lesions could vary in size, shape, color, and is highly dependent on the predisposing factors behind the disease. Patient complaints also vary starting from no complaints, until it becomes very painful. With this variety of clinicals presentation, its important for a doctor to have knowledge in the diagnosis and treatment of oral candidiasis.

Deficiencies on the mechanism of body immune system also the local and systemic factors is a potential susceptibility to oral candidiasis disease. Therefore attention to immune system against opportunistic infections from species candida and what factors can affect a person exposed to oral candidiasis.

Immune system against opportunistic infections of the candida species are:

1.Epitel oral, well function as a physical barrier which prevents microorganisms get into tissue, and as place where immune mediated cell reactions.

2. Competition and interaction of inhibition between Candida spp and other beneficial microorganisms in the mouth.

3.Saliva, which has mechanical and immunological action-cleaning actions, including salivary IgA antibodies, which collect candida organisms and prevent them from following the epithelial surface; and enzymatic components such as lysozyme, lactoperoxidase and antileukoprotease.

Factors affecting oral candidiasis are divided into 2, namely:


- Dentures;

- Saliva with low pH;

- Unhealthy environment.


- Systemic disease;


- Immunosuppression

- Oncology treatments;

- Drug abuse;

- Use of antibiotics etc.

Oral candidiasis is included in fungal infections, therefore the proper treatment is to use antifungal which one of them is Nystatin. Nystatin is an antifungal drug used to overcome Candida infections in the oral cavity, throat, intestines, and vagina. In relieving the infection, nystatin works by damaging the fungal cells and stopping Candida growth.


PT. SIMEX Pharmaceutical Indonesia comes with the product MYCONYS with Nystatin content 100.000 IU in the form of drops as Anti-Fungus Drugs which can treat oral candidiasis for infants, children, and adults.

For infants under 4 months treatment with 1 ml Nystatin Oral Suspension 100.000 units once in the morning, for children give 1 ml 3-4 times a day, while for adults to parents give 1-2 ml 4 times a day and the median duration of therapy for oral candidiasis is 7 days. MYCONYS the right choice to overcome candidiasis.







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