Untitled-8The Most Reliable Antibiotic

ContentEach vial contains Cefoperazone 1 gr

IndicationRespiratory tract, intra-abdominal, skin & soft tissue, & pelvic infections, Urinary Tract Infection, peritonitis, bacterial septicemia, endometritis.

Contra IndicationHypersensitivity to cephalosporins

DosageAdult Inj Usual dose: 2-4 g/day in divided doses 12 hrly. May increase dose to 6-12 g in 2-4 divided doses in severe infections. Infusion 1 g diluted into 20-100 mL of sterile IV soln to be given w/in 15 min to 1 hr. Max Dose: 16 g daily

Special PrecautionGI disorder (colitis), vit K deficiency. Pregnancy & lactation

Adverse ReactionSkin reactions, fever, changes in blood cell count, increase in hepatic enzyme function, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, pseudomembranous colitis, pain at the injection site, phlebitis

Drug InteractionAlcohol. Potentially Fatal: Enhances nephrotoxicity by aminoglycosides and furosemide.

Presentation/PackingPowder for inj (vial) 1 g x 1's