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Practical and Effective 

ContentEach vial contains Ceftriaxone 1 gr

IndicationRespiratory tract, ENT, bone, joint & soft tissue, intra-abdominal & genital (including gonorrhea) infections, UTI, sepsis, meningitis & infections in immunocompromized patients. Peri-op prophylaxis.

Contra IndicationHypersensitivity to cephalosporins.

DosageAdult & childn >12 yr 1-2 g once daily. Severe infection Increased to 4 g once daily. Childn ≥50 kg Adult dose. Infant 15 days to childn ≤12 yr 20-80 mg/kg body wt once daily. Infant ≤14 days 20-50 mg/kg body wt once daily.

Special PrecautionMonitor plasma level in patients w/ severe liver & kidney dysfunction. Regularly exam blood profile in prolonged therapy. Patients w/ history of anaphylactic shock & neonates w/ hyperbilirubinemia. May cause pseudomembranous collitis in patients w/ history of diarrhea after antibacterial treatment. Concomitant use w/ Ca, aminoglycosides, amsacrine, fluconal, labetalol, vancomycin, pentamidine. Neonates. Pregnancy & lactation.

Adverse ReactionGI effects, skin reactions, hematological changes; headache, dizziness, anaphylactic reactions; pain (IM) or phlebitis (IV) at inj site; increased SGOT, SGPT, phosphatase alkaline, bilirubin; increased BUN; moniliasis, vaginitis; diaphoresis, sweating.

Drug InteractionAminoglycosides, probenecid.

Presentation/PackingPowder for inj (vial) 1 g x 1's