Excellent combination of vitamins and minerals to support growth and fill up micronutrients requirement

ContentVit A 600 IU, β-carotene 2,000 IU, vit B1 2 mg, vit B2 2 mg, nicotinamide 15 mg, vit B6 2 mg, vit B12 2.5 mcg, vit C 100 mg, vit D 200 IU, vit E 15 IU, Ca pantothenate 10 mg, folic acid 200 mcg, Fe 10 mg, phosphorus 77 mg, Ca 100 mg, Mg 50 mg, manganese 5 mg, selenium 5 mg, Zn 5 mg

IndicationSupplement for growth. Maintenance of health & vitality for adolescents.

Dosage1 caplet daily.

AttentionMay be taken w/ meals for better absorption or if GI discomfort occurs.

Presentation/PackingCaplet 30's